The Kids’ Own Book Cubby is a mobile library of books by children for children, showcasing excellence in children’s community publishing. It also holds space for a changing exhibition of books made in recent workshops.

The cubby makes a wonderful centrepiece for Kids’ Own Publishing workshops. When a child publishes they take one book home to share with friends and family and leave one in the cubby. This gives them the immediate understanding that they are making a book for other unknown children to read.

Exhibition in the Book Cubby raises the status of children’s work. It gives the message that children can be active participants in their own reading and writing and learning journey; they can create their own reading materials.

The Book Cubby is a strong statement that enables us to communicate our philosophy visually and immediately. Seeing it in action is a short-cut to understanding the value of publication, not just for children but also their carers. It helps professionals, teachers and community leaders to explain how parents can be involved in their children’s learning journey.

To date there are 13 travelling Book Cubbies, in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and one on the Cocos Islands! The cubby is a powerful means to involve children in libraries in an active, creative way.

Interested in commissioning a personalised book cubby for your organisation? Download the following information sheet about Book Cubby.

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