Rainbow Fox

A story about three unlikely friends who find connection
By children from Lightning Reef Early Learning Centre

A fox who can run superfast, a dinosaur who gives his babies piggybacks and cuddles, and a duck who likes to play football find homes in a cave that’s all the colours of the rainbow.

This book was produced in collaboration with Lightning Reef Early Learning Centre, to provide a resource for parents and early years professionals to talk with children about gender equality and respectful relationships. Inspired by activities introduced by artist Kathy Holowko, a kindergarten class imagined a world in which their quirky characters could do anything, a world in which neighbours help each other, and play solves everything.

The project was developed in consultation with Kids’ Own Publishing, as part of the implementation of the Communities for Children (C4C) Early Years Family Violence Action Plan for Bendigo, a partnership between C4C and Centre for Non-Violence (CNV).

ISBN 978 1 925077 60 5

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