Mixed Abilities Book Pack (5 titles)

All titles in this series were created as part of the 3-year project Recipe for Community, which brought pre-school children from the University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre together with adults of differing abilities from Interact Arts to connect via art making and shared activities. The books are inspired by the Abbotsford Convent and the local surrounds where the project was based, the participants thoughts on what makes a recipe for community as well other creative ideas that were generated through the various art-making and social activities.

Farm Art and Friends 978-0-9804600-0-1
Recipe for Community 978-0-9808 7317-7
The Tree of Life 978-0-9804600-9-4
Big Red Bus 978-0-9804600-4-9
Rainbow River 978-1-925077-08-7

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