Du Matj Bets!

Dijan stori im bla bets langa Beswick en Waterfall.
Det mob biginini bin kilim det mob bets.
Sambala bets dei blakwan en brounwan en dey trabul roun langa dis komyunidi.
Dei go bak naitaim en kaman moningtaim.

This story is about the bats in Wugularr Community.
Some bats are black and some bats are brown.
The bats travel around the community and
out to the waterfall. The kids like to hunt for the bats.
The old people say the bats make too much noise.

About the project: Too Much Bats was created at Wugularr School, Katherine, and Ghunmarn Cultural Centre, Beswick(Wugularr) with artists from Djilpin Arts and facilitated by puppeteer Jenny Ellis. Over five days of workshops in April 2016, every child in the school contributed their ideas and artwork in response to stories shared by elder Vera Cameron and a topical issue—a large bat population in Wugularr. The result is a simple story aimed at supporting early readers that draws on local language.

Published by Kids’ Own Publishing, 2016.
ISBN 978-1-925077-51-3