Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Book Pack (9 titles)

Titles published in Dinka, Nuer, Somali, Mandarin and Arabic. These publications empower culturally and linguistically diverse communities to share stories in their mother tongue. Some books address transitioning to life in Australia whilst still acknowledging the importance of home. ‘Donkey’s Can’t Fly On Planes’ tells the survival stories of 25 South Sudanese refugee children who are now living in Australia.

Diak Ka Lae? (How are you?) (Tetun) 978-0-9808702-3-7
Hira? (How Many?) (Tetun) 978-0-9808702-4-4
The Book of Sudanese Cows (Dinka) 978-0-9871506-6-0
The Book of Sudanese Cows (Nuer) 978-0-9871506-4-6
The Book of Sudanese Cows (Arabic) 978-0-9871506-5-3
Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes (South Sudanese refugee stories) 978-0-9874290-3-2
How Not to Fix a Car: The Adventures of Bob and Arop (Mandarin) 978-1-925077-05-6
I Spy with My Little Eye (Somali) 978-0-9871991-9-5

I Spy with My Little Eye (English) 978-0-9873155-2-6

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