Books by very young children for very young children Book Pack (11 titles)

Titles created predominantly by pre-schoolers from across Victoria, focusing on a range of topics that young children are just discovering: play, new words, new feelings, creativity, story telling, the environment and more.

‘Happy’ 978-1-925077-23-0
‘A Life in the Space’ 978-1-925077-21-6
‘A Twist on Motherhood’ 978-0-9874290-9-4
‘My Favourite Numbers’ 978-0-9874290-4-9
‘Shapes & Patterns are just beautiful’ 978-0-9874290-5-6
‘We Live in Australia’ 978-0-9808731-0-8
‘Forest of Corals’ 978-0-9808731-1-5
‘Wiggly Worms’ 978-1-925077-24-7
‘What Can You Do?’ 978-0-9806210-5-1
‘Bunyips of Bunyip’ 978-0-9874291-0-0
‘At Playgroup’ 978-0-9807147-5-3

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