…And so many things!

… And so many things! by children and parents from the Karen Family Playgroup.

Booked in Hooked In is a literacy project developed by Kids’ Own Publishing for facilitated playgroups to engage parents and children in shared learning through making books together. Each week, with the guiding hand of a Kids’ Own artist, the group decides on a theme and makes artwork and words for a photocopied, hand-folded 12 page book, and everyone takes home a copy to share with family and friends. This book … And so many things! represents the activities and book-making undertaken throughout the project with the Karen Families Playgroup.

Many of the families participating have come to Australia from the Karen and Karenii States in Burma and refugee camps in Thailand and were resettled in Corio over the past six years. Most families are learning English as a third language – their first language being either Karen or Karenii, the second Thai and /or Burmese.

At Playgroup the mums make new friends and share morning tea, have a laugh and a chat. They share cultural stories and language through songs, recipes, craft ideas.

Published by Kids’ Own Publishing, June 2014 ISBN 978-1-925077-15-5