What we do

Kids’ Own Publishing builds confident and creative young learners and thinkers and connects communities through the sharing of their stories.

We enable children to create their own books: books in their own language, reflecting their culture, that have real meaning in their lives. Kids’ Own Publishing delivers a range of programs offering a creative approach to literacy learning and community building through artist-led publishing.

We work in partnership with community organisations, kindergartens, schools, libraries, health services, local councils and arts organisations. We collaborate to design and deliver innovative short and long term creative publishing projects.

To raise the status of children as authors and illustrators, we have developed the Kids’ Own Book Cubby. This is a book display module and travelling library containing over 80 books for children by children.

We are committed to continuously exploring new models for nurturing children’s literacy, creativity and self belief and to sharing our learning through training, resources and consultancy.